Emily Endured Months Of Surgeries- Emily’s Narration


Emily was diagnosed with a yolk sac tumor when she was about a yearandahalf old enough. The tumor was a grapefruit size inside her tiny little abdomen. Her team of doctors and nurses assured me that Emily’s cancer was likewise treatable extremely curable, even if the Emily was diagnosed with this frightening form of cancer. While grueling testing as well as rigorous chemotherapy sessions, emily endured months of surgeries. I’m sure you heard about this. Nobody would were able to tell that she was even sick, in the event Emily’s blond ringlets had not broken out due to the chemotherapy. Doesn’t it sound familiar? She maintained her sweet disposition and contagious little giggle through out all of her treatments. Emily admired to play dress up with her massive with, katherine and sister all of their princess outfits! Nate, should and her massive brother explore to her for over hours and hours, the same books over and over. In any event, how Katherine and Nate adored their little sister, emily!

Nonetheless, we held Emily’s little hand and ran along beside her bed as she was rushed to have CT scans and various tests to determine damage extent to her brain. The nurses climbed on the bed and manually kept her breathing in the process of the testing, since the life support machines could not go through the scans with her. I’m sure it sounds familiar. This was so surreal to have this happening and still no replies back as to why Emily was dying. This couldn’t practically be happening! We should are having dinner and talking with Nate and Katherine on the phone to find out if they had their ebook bags packed and prepared for academy. Do you know an answer to a following question. What was I going to tell Nate and Katherine? Thence, the last time they saw the little sister alive was on her birthday, february 24th. Always, they were not leted to visit on the weekend due to the chilly and flu policy. What a joke. Essentially, noone got any sleep that evening. Whenever hoping that we will get up and this terrible nightmare is over, we sat on Emmy’s bed holding her hands and kissing her little toes as the machines kept her corpus alive. It in no circumstances ended. One way or another, it got worse.


Now regarding the aforementioned matter of fact. Subsequent forenoon the room was filled with strangers’ horrorfilled faces as we were told of how my little angel, emily wound up brain bung and on life support. Her mom and I were told that despite the matter of fact that she was still being kept alive by life support, emily was essentially bung due to the massive brain damage she had incurred. Our own Emily was killed with the help of an overdose of sodium chloride in her chemotherapy IV bag. My housekeeping was completely destroyed under the patronage of the preventable and tragic death of sweet little Emily. Afterwards, the pharmacy technician filled a plastic bag with a concentrated sodium chloride solution of 23. Of course, she replied that she did not see, when the pharmacy board investigators and different officials investigating Emily’s death explains the technician why she had made this outrageous error. With all that said. She claimed that she saw that something was not right yet she was not sure. The pharmacy technician was making sure in case she understood that an overdose of sodium chloride could output in death. She claimed that she was not aware of that reason. With that said, how can a guy who works in a pharmacy and compounds medications weekly not see that? At the time of Emily’s death, ohio didn’t register pharmacy technicians. In reality, there weren’t any training or licensing requirements.

Patient Safety Summit in CT past working week. My mission is to support with instilling lofty reliability values and help make your organization safer for all who are treated here by focuisng on patient safety related concerns and a higher awareness of preoccupation with increased accountability, best and failure practices to minimize human error.

As a nursing apprentice one of your assignments is to write an essay about medication errors and the danger. As I sit here study your novel tears are pouring down my face! That picture of your sweet Emily will stay in my memory forever and I will do everything humanly manageable to prevent any medications errors that could occur in my career as a nurse. This novel has touched me deeply and I am going to print it out and give it to all my class mates. Hopefully this narration will prevent any someone from us from making such a tragic mistake.

For example, mr Jerry I applaud you on your testimony to the Senate about SB I am a sire of 3 and I feel for your loss of your precious daughter. Besides, senator to KILL the bill SB I am literaly in tears right after study Emily’s novel. We must do everything in the force to protect patients. As a pharmacist I could not understand you about keeping on eye on patient safety. It will be a long battle to prevent bills really like this that support corporate greed.

There’re loads of my housewifery members who were having treatment for cancers but understanding they’re older and can try harder to fight unlike Emily who didn’t have a chance next horrible calculation of sodium chloride is just heartbreaking. Emily’s tale when that’s okay? Pharmacy Technician undergraduate in Michigan. Nevertheless, claim they didn’t see is completely ludicrous, in order to hear that a man who worked in a chemotherapy ward for nearly several years should mix a bag for a childbaby with a dose of odium Chloride that will kill an adult. There is absolutely no way on God’s Green Earth that technician didn’t understand what they were doing. Over 20 percent concentration is merely insane. Now regarding the aforementioned matter of fact. You make a mistake that costs a twoyearold childinfant the life, own up to it. Then, do not hide behind an eighth words grader caught texting in class.

My heart damaged when I explore your narrative. Of course my thoughts and prayers are with your household. It was so good to chat with you tonight at the airport. Notice that when you handed me your card I saw a sweet woman was no longer with us. My heart goes out to you and your housekeeping. God bless your household and Emily and God bless you in your work.

This deeply saddens me and breaks my heart! Such a darling little woman! It is simply unfortunate.

Children’s in Kansas city, in the later days or even Mercy. It was heartbreaking and eye opening at the same time. They used your tale as a template for how the smallest errors can bring very much harm and how this in no circumstances been missed when the setup had been in place. With that said, im so sorry your baby turned out to be a narrative for this nonetheless I really appreciate her tale alone will rethink a lot of lives. In Ontario, canada where I live we had now implemented newest laws that require all pharmacy technicians to be licensed and our own field is regulated under Pharmacist College. Just think for a minute. We got more training and do everything we can to prevent medication errors. Pharm Tech had no notion what she did was bad, it was quite obvious and preventable. They probably should be trained better. This is the case.

That’s right. Forsyth Tech in North Carolina. Though I wish it under no circumstances had to reach that point, I am confident that this will serve as a reminder for all in the medicinal field. Once more I am so sorry for your loss, I can not even just imagine what you have got had and are stilling having to go through. My prayers are with you and may God bless you abundantly.

Thank you for sharing your narrative with us! Im in nursing college and I will pray to God that guys in the medic field are held accountable for the actions. Essentially, emily in my prayers. Im still in shock and im sooo sorry this was not a case with May God bless you and your household and I see God will turn this rubbish around and use it for good in some way. Trust in God and don’t lean on your own understandings. She is in heaven looking down at you and you 2 will be once again someday!

With all that said. My assignment is to investigate medication errors, them unusual types that were made. There’re plenty of things in this situation that could are caught by the medic private on staff. Support me to be a critical care thinking nurse who does not simply do something merely since she is told to, stories like that also break my heart. Yes, that’s right! What a precious life that was taken from us so quickly.

Then, rN, we will be well educated in the medications we are administering, and figure out how to trust instincts. Its ultimately sad for one and the other parties. My condolences.


Essentially, pharmacy Technician undergraduate, the magazine that we study out of is dedicated to Emily Jerry. Her narrative has deeply touch me. Despite being an in hospital error, we are using the youtube video and your novel to train Paramedics and EMTs all along the pharmacology training. Far too quite often are they taught that specific drugs are safe, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether they are administered incorrectly or not, all of them have the potential to be incredibly dangerous and ‘life threatening’, period. Appreciate me, every pupil I had sees your daughter’s sweet face.

Emily’s lex, due to medical/human error and the unbearable consequences. Emily is a good angel now and her narrative is not just that nevertheless it is saving lives perhaps every fortnight, my heart goes out to the housekeeping since this not happened. Emily’s sweet little life next to me realizing that I need to be absolutely appropriate on everything I do.

Emily. I’m sure you heard about this. Pharmacy Technician and it’s a reality check to me. It demonstrates to me that I virtually gotta study and understand what I’m studying and make every patients that I’m going to work seriously. Now look. This kind of seems horrible to did a childbaby but to have that Pharamacy Tech say she didn’t understand this could happen, seems as in case she doesn’t have the knowledge about compounding solutions. Emily at the time of my technician training plan. In my position I work on a computer and under no circumstances see patients. Whether you’re a CPhT or a PharmD can end lives, mistakes in this field. Known one of questions was to research this case. This is truly heart breaking. This household and any next household that was thru this will be in my heart and prayers.

Emily’s novel is a reminder to big me honor and responsibility I have got as a physician to care for and protect my patients to some good stuff from my possibility. I can mostly imagine your depth pain, as a mama. Generaly, your Emily was a lovely little lady and I wish with all of my heart that this not actually did your household.

Now let me tell you something. The pain is something I can mostly imagine. Fairly crucial stuff to memorize is the happiness and the love you got for this tiny maiden and to understand that somewhere she is lucky and sees how much you love and cherish her. God bless you. Now look. Bakersfield field. Seriously. God is enough to reunite us with the following we love and I hope you can search for time to send a short note to folks in this field to remind them that they need to look forward to the week when we all figure out the individuals we love ……once again. God bless you.

That’s right. What a tragic tale -that shall have NEVER OCCURRED … however I question why a pharmacy technician should be trying to compound a Sodium Chloride solution -when commercially attainable solutions are all in all in abundant supply and usually are inexpensive … Toposar is usually diluted in either Dextrose 5 percent or Normal Saline. Now pay attention please. When staffing is usually notably lowered, an even bigger question for me -and perhaps this is something I am naive too … why on earth will hemo be ordered on a patient on a weekend. Pharmacy Director and the ordering Physician likewise share in the blame for helping facilitate the tragic events that unfolded on this ominous Sunday afternoon.

We have hoping that Emily’s death must not be in vain and that we will continue to search for improved medication delivery systems every and every week … RIP Miss Emily Thank you for sharing this narration. Yes, that’s right! This narrative drives home why importance I will proven to be a pharmacy technician. Now regarding the aforementioned reality. Elmwood pharmacy Emily, such a nice childtot., I thank you for put my perspective business in calibrated perspective. So, bless all of you as Emily looks down upon us all trying to do perfect we can.

Virtually, this is so sad. It’s horrible that in order for something to be changed for the better, friends dies 1st. Sadly, that is society kind we live in. Noone will get notice of potential dangers until somebody. My heart goes out to you, jerry housewifery. You’ve taught me a valuable lesson. One way or another, I will keep my training a big priority and figure out if events like what was not an occasion with Emily will not actually did other people, as a pharmacy technician apprentice.

Furthermore, the Emily Jerry Foundation a few days ago released its 2013 public Pharmacy Technician Regulation Scorecard, as an illustration of quality variability. This development scorecard was prompted with the help of the heartbreaking tale of what actually did 2 year rather old Emily Jerry. Now let me tell you something. You may use those HTML tags and attributes.

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